Friday, September 17, 2010

Children Photography, Murray Park Utah {Braylee Turns ONE}

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Little Miss Braylee, I have know you sense the womb,
oh how you have grown, I can't believe you are
already one! It's amazing to me how times
flys when you have children. None the less,
Christa and Jeff have done an amazing
job raising this little girl, and they are just the cutest
little family, Jeff cracks me up, he was like a kid
in the candy store, or a new puppy just so excited.
Christa, is probably one of the funnest people you
would ever meet, so they are just perfect for one another.

Well this shoot was fun, up an till a large group/family
decided to have a HUGE fight over their children not sharing
hmm, seem appropriate right "kids not sharing is wrong"
but us grown-ups cussing, and yelling is okay!
So we walked away and could still hear them across the park.
Well it ended up sounding like they not only taught their children
yelling, and cussing is okay, they also taught them punching is okay.
We heard children, screaming, and people yelling "I am going to
call the police" It brought chills down my back. I guess we all
aren't perfect right. ha
By far the most interesting shoot this far!
Love you guys!

Now, if we can get 15 comment's on this post,
I will give this GORGEOUS family a FREE 5x7 print!


  1. ash we love you you are soooooo amazing!!

  2. These are AMAZING!!!! Seeing the pics of Bray brought a tear to my eye....

  3. Crista you guys seriously have the cutest little miss ever! These photos are so great! Good luck with the free picture, here's my comment! P.S. What an exciting photo shoot! Oh and P.P.S. Who is Becky Stika? That's so wierd to see my last name with someone I don't know! It's obviously not a common one! Anyways ... love love the pics!

  4. Nice pictures! sweeeeeeeeeeeet!