Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Photography, Gardner Village {Lucero Family}

I just loved this family, Little Landin was almost 11 weeks old in these pictures, but you would never be able to tell by his size, he was so adorable, and so sweet, and probably a little more cold then he wanted to be for his photo-shoot, ha! Tobin, is Landin's Big brother, and he was such a little helper with his brother, and he had quite the imagination, and SO much personality if you can't tell by his pictures, he is such a stud just like his Dad Kenneth. Cora's is being over powered by all the handsome men in her life, I suggested dressing Landin with bows to weight it out. ;) Help this beautiful family win a free 8x10 print by getting 15 comments on this post! Good-luck!

Babies Photography, Layton Orchard {ChicBebe}

Another session of my beautiful little princess modeling some of ChicBebe's Product. It's getting pretty cold outside, you all need to head over to ChicBebe's Etsy shop and pick up an adorable monkey hat and socks for your little ones! My Daughter really didn't want to take pictures this morning, she was crying 99% of the session, good thing my camera is fast or I wouldn't have gotten any of these cute images! I love my baby girl, and I really love this little hat, and socks!

Family Photography, Capitol Building {Ramos Family}

Oh my goodness, don't you just want to kiss these adorable little ones!! Look at Eisley's Eyes, wow! I can't believe she is almost one now. But a beautiful group of people! It rained on us, so we made an unexpected turn to the capitol building, dang that rain. Help this family win a free 8x10 print by getting 15 comments on this post!

Family Photography, Salt Lake City {Martinez Family}

I was in love with this little beauty, she was so smart and only at 14 months old, would tell her mom yes and no if she wanted something, and so well behaved. I had fun on this session till we had a scary homeless man, with a scary mask on come up to us making so weird noses and just starting at us. It was okay though cause I was going to kill him with my big heavy D700 (with extra battery pack), and 70-200mm lens across the head. ha help this beautiful family win a free 8x10 print by getting 15 comments on this blog post!